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On the final days of September, Tianjin's autumn air is crisp, and the clear blue sky and the Haihe River passing through the metropolitan area are intertwined. We embarked on a well-prepared trip to Tianjin at the afternoon of September 22nd, to go on a trip to feel the romance of Tianjin's autumn.



Upon arriving in Tianjin in the afternoon, we went to a typical crosstalk teahouse in Xiaoliyuan in the old city area. Tianjin's teahouse crosstalk is known as the purest of the art. For not only the actors on the stage have good entertaining skills, the audience is also a group of cheering and supporting comedians. Tianjin people's innate humor has produced batches of fine crosstalk masters. At the teahouse, we were so overwhelmed by the artistic charm of the crosstalk comedians’ skill to be unconsciously integrated into it, enjoying the interaction of laughter aroused by their performance, with instant revelation of the memories of generations of Tianjin carried on by the art and the profound cultural imprint. At this point, our fatigue from day’s work and long journey to the city was suddenly dispersed.



After dinner, we boarded a cruise ship to the Haihe River, the mother river of Tianjin, which had witnessed the long history of the city’s developments. With the sparkling light stirring up by the cruise ship, everyone enjoyed the night scene of the streamer, with lights on both sides of the river brightly shining and the atmosphere tranquilizing. Moving along, we seemed to be witnessing the constant changes on both sides of the River.


Early the next morning, many cycled to Tianjin's famous Five Avenues, which, as the saying goes, hold half of the city’s history. Along the Avenues stand more than 2,000 buildings of famous foreign classic architectural style built in the twenties and thirties of the last century, including more than 200 former residences of modern and contemporary celebrities. The cluster of buildings, forming the most complete Western-style building complex in China, is known as the unique "Museum of Architecture of All Nations". Riding along the street, we could not only feel the imprint left by history, but also experience the architectural beauty of these small western-style buildings. Autumn layered the green of summer, and sycamore and ginkgo began to compete to show the colors of early autumn. The separated dopamine shops, bookstores and cafes were relaxing and refreshing.



In the afternoon, we continued to visit the Jixian Great Cave located on the outskirts of Tianjin. The Great Karst Cave, remnant of the Yanshan Mountains, was formed about 1.2 billion years ago along the middle and upper Proterozoic strata, with the cave stone widely open to the sky. Here are full of stalactites and wall flow stones of amazing shapes. Outside the cave we also saw beautiful sights and perfect sunshine. Having found a natural place, away from the hustle and bustle, we walked along one road forward, delivering miracles, and growing up and older together.


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