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       - First of the Exclusive Interview Series Marking Panawell 20th Anniversary

       Over twenty years of hardship and perseverance, we Panawell stuff have been working diligently to deliver our dreams.

       Though we cannot see time, we are all witness of its power.

       On the occasion of Panawell’s 20th anniversary, we have planned a series of interviews. Let’s follow the steps of our predecessors and colleagues, looking back at our developments, refreshing our emotional memories, drawing strength, and standing strong.


Twenty-year perseverance has brought glory. Wisdom and aspiration are foundation of success.

Story from the first interview, we invited and interviewed Ms. Fenghua Wang, one of the founders of the Panawell.



Ms. Fenghua Wang and Ms. Cunxiu Gao, the founders of Panawell


       Ms. Fenghua Wang and Ms. Cunxiu Gao jointly founded the Panawell in Beijing on July 25, 2003. Unfortunately, Ms. Gao passed away in 2011, and Ms. Wang was retired in 2014. The two founders, who had previously worked in the patent administrative department of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, had many years of patent prosecution practice and rich corporate management experience. In the very first year of incorporation, Panawell filed more than 300 patent applications, and in the early days, the Firm mainly filed and prosecuted patent applications for the nation’s first-class scientific research institutions and scientific research projects of the Institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University, and Tsinghua University.


       We are very honored to have invited Ms. Wang to review our entrepreneurial growth on the special occasion of Panawell's 20th anniversary. When talking about how Panawell was started, she talked about her love and great plan for the patent-related work when the Academy of Sciences was under restructuring, hoping to do something practical to keep on contributing to the Academy of Sciences. Faced with separation of all the corporate entities from the Chinese Academy of Sciences as a result of the restructuring and the need to re-organize the patent agencies out of the scientific research institutes of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and universities, such as Tsinghua University and Peking University, Ms. Wang and Ms. Gao resolutely decided to establish Panawell, with great efforts made to put in place therein a full-chain execution support system for its high-quality IP service provision.


       Ms. Wang, starting with interest from how Panawell got its name, recalled that the Firm had encountered many difficulties and challenges in the start-up days. For example, it came into existence in 2003, when SARS broke out. Faced with the sudden unprecedented epidemic, they found the Firm was in dire situation, and they couldn't give up their hope. What they had to do was stand together, support each other, and stick to their posts, managing to keep the entire patent prosecution procedure running uninterrupted for the sake of the clients. To this end, some employees even worked around clock, sleeping even on the office floor at night, so as to avoid any delay in the work. In order to improve work efficiency, they delivered and received letters of all sorts at the clients’ doorsteps on the same day. This is how our working tradition had been shaped, a tradition of diligence and perseverance to face challenges together. To work with the determination to boost the industrialization of scientific research achievements and to help delivering high-value patents for the benefit of the country, is the most solid foundation of Panawell’s drive for excellence.


       We are pleased to provide quality and efficient services to our clients of all sizes. Panawell, starting from a small firm with only a humble office, has grown into a medium-sized one run by the second-generation team of brilliant partners, with the main Office domiciled in the central business district in Beijing and branches respectively in Chengdu, Ningbo, Hong Kong, and Tokyo.


       Sharing with us her expectations and messages for the future of the Firm, Ms. Wang said, "I am proud of the achievements Panawell has made over the past 20 years and we still have great potential as Panawell is gaining momentum in its corporate operation! I have full confidence in our team and believe you will continue to provide outstanding IP services to our clients and continue to strive for excellence."


       Ms. Wang, a role model for many of us, personally brought up a group of patent attorneys who have become backbone stuff in many patent agencies and in the IP industry. Panawell will also continue to take the historical initiative and stand united for the great cause of endeavor on the solid foundation laid by the two founders. As an IP agency in the new era, Panawell will develop along with China’s national strategic development and make its contribution by helping boost scientific and technological innovation and providing excellent IP serves to all innovators in China and overseas.



We will strive hard, and pass on the torch of fine tradition,

With gratitude to you for the twenty years of companionship and witness.

With aspirations reaching far and wide,

Panawell, keeping its original intention and purpose as solid as rock, is ready again to take on the road to even greater success in the future.

When the wind and tide is good, it is time to set sail and start a new journey with rough waves and bright sunshine.

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